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paintingHave you heard the African proverb “A beautiful thing is
never perfect.” I love this statement; there is so much
wisdom in so few words. Think about the things you love the
most. Are they perfect? Your spouse/significant
other/children/parents/friends/art/music/home/movies…. Is
any of it perfect?

I would guess not. By nature human beings CAN’T be perfect.
Yes I used the word can’t. It’s impossible! God created us
to have flaws and be flawed. 

In fact we learn from our flaws and the mistakes we make. 
So why are you trying to be perfect? [[firstname]] why are you trying to be someone or something you will never be?
There are many reasons for this and spiritual counseling is
a wonderful way to get the answers to these questions.
However right now I want you think about all the ways you
aren't perfect. Make a list if you want. It might be rather
long for you perfectionist! 🙂 Then I want you to burn that list. Yes burn it, because its
trash! Write a new list with all the beautiful things about
you and your life. Everyday I want you to acknowledge and
celebrate one of those beautiful things on your list.
Embrace your imperfections.

I realized I had some perfectionist tendencies that were
hurting my business. Because I wanted everything to be
perfect, there were several things I simply did not do.
For example for years, I've wanted to write books and
because I’m not the best writer, I didn't do it. And now I’m
so glad I did!

Everyday I get testimonials from people just like you
telling me how much my little E-book “Power” and my daily
messages have helped them. Who cares about being perfect,
when people actually love what I do and I love doing it!?!
Can you relate?

Instead of trying to be impossibly perfect, focus on being
authentically REAL!

 Posted on : September 22, 2014 - Last updated on Sep 22, 2014

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