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Spiritual Counseling is based on the principle that everyone possesses an innate spiritual understanding of his orcoaching

her own truth and has the power to change and remedy it. Spiritual Counseling assists you in creating permanent behavior changes that will help you, internalize, emotionalize and heal your original painful and untrue beliefs. 

It will FREE you from your unconscious triggers and childhood ego defenses that make you feel helpless and powerless as you were when you first experienced your original trauma. 


As a spiritual counselor I do not analyze or solve your problems, I facilitate your connection with your own truth, power, and enlightenment. I guide you through a process of discovery that validates your own internal awareness and intuitive feelings rather than making you dependent on me for your healing. I assist you in building the communication and interpersonal skills, habits, and internal dialogue that will strengthen your ability to reshape your life into one of health, well-being, and happiness. 


People who most benefit from Spiritual Counseling are those who: 

• Take personal responsibility for their own well being and healing
• Are open to inner-exploration and self-discovery
• Seek self-empowerment through greater insight and understanding than is being given by the more mainstream scientific paradigm.
• Want to transcend any challenge by developing the right perspective and understanding.
Want to experience, enjoy and appreciate life more fully
• Desire to know their life’s purpose and live in harmony with their Divine self. 

This is a very holistic, comprehensive, life transformational process! 

Topics include: 

  • Self Parenting Inner Child Work
  • Forgiveness 
  • Spiritual Relationships 
  • 7 Spiritual Truths 
  • Boundary Protection
  • Responsibility Effective Communication
  • Difference between Ego and Spirit
  • Meditation
  • Why Affirmations alone DO NOT work 
  • How to Master your Feelings & Enhance Intuition
  • Creation & Dis-creation Manifestation Process
  • Prayer and much more


 Home Study Course packages are available here 

Personal Sessions with Avalaura are 1 hour in length weekly for the duration of the time you decide. To discuss working with Avalaura one on one, sign up for a 25 minute phone consultation here!

 Posted on : July 17, 2014 - Last updated on Apr 13, 2016