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My clients and students are truly a great inspiration to me! They give me a reason to do what I do and allow me tDSC_0546o fulfill my purpose for being. Read about their experiences and maybe you can relate and learn from them!

Peace, Love & Bountiful Blessings       


"Good Evening Avalaura,
Happy New Year Avalaura! I just wanted to thank you for everything in the past year. You're such an awesome teacher and I wanted to thank you. I look forward to moving to the next level."

-Q.S.;Washington, DC


"Good Evening Avalaura,
I wanted to thank you for you healing hands on Sunday morning. You help me with my breathing during the party. You saved me a trip to the hospital. I look forward to attending some of your workshops. I am truly grateful!!!!!!!!:)"

-J.G.;Takoma Park, MD


"When a friend told me about the Cutting Cords of Attachment, something in me said do it. So I did and I am so thankful that I did! Going in with an open mind and having had various types of spiritual experiences, I was amazed and blessed by the cord cutting session. I feel that the experience is just getting deeper and deeper for me. My husband and I were totally impressed with the insights that where revealed.

From the bottom of my heart I am grateful to have met you and experienced your touch. Your clarity, sensitivity and laughter were the best. Your space is beautiful, you are beautiful and I am glad to have connected with you. I will truly refer you to everyone that I know, that could benefit from the release. I felt it and look forward to releasing the rest of my cords!!!"



"I'd like to schedule another Reiki session soon. It definitely helped in little ways and in some perhaps not so little ways. I feel like I have more direction in life, I’m not so stagnant in some aspect, I’ve quit smoking (8 days so far!), and I’ve noticed little positive changes in myself. I think the Reiki helped in that I no longer felt blocked or clogged up and I’m able to start progressing again."

-L.J.;Silver Spring, MD


"Since the cord cutting, I have noticed the most pleasant release. When he crosses my mind, I smile. There's no longer any hurt, regret or bitterness. It's just peaceful. I even sent him a thank you note because I learned an even greater lesson about myself and how I relate to people in general. I have been making changes for the positive."
-K.C.;Greensboro, NC


"Hello again 🙂 I am feeling absolutely phenomenal from today's Reiki session. Talk about a natural high!

I would love to have you do a custom oil for me. I am transforming and transitioning at such a rapid pace. I would love to wear something to support me as I rediscover myself and step into my true womanhood."

-D.T. ;Greenbelt, MD


"Dear Ms Beharry,
I am a 21 year old student in Baltimore. I recently had to withdraw from school because I suffered severe panic attacks. I go to therapy and have tried other things but progress is slow. I have had this problem since I was 17 years old. I have always put others before myself which in the end has caused me great pain. It has caused me to be depressed because it is hard for me to enjoy life like I used to. I came across your website, and I think that you can help me get rid of this anxiety and depression. I just want to be how I was before; I want to be a normal 21 year old. My goal is to return back to school and be among my friends again, also to start back driving. I just want a sense of purpose, and a renewed faith in God. I just want my life back again. I would like to schedule an appointment with you. I would greatly appreciate your call. My number is enclosed below.

Thank you for your time and consideration"
-A. Grant

"I wrote the above email reaching out to Avalaura after viewing her website. I was in desperate need of relief from anxiety, panic, and depression. My anxiety had robbed me of living a fulfilled life. My problem had gotten so bad that I had to withdraw from school, and I stayed in the house for weeks at a time because of my fear of panic attacks. This fear also caused me to stop driving. Day by day, I started to become more discouraged, and started to forget about my future dreams and goals. I thought I would always live a life indoors and I would never amount to anything.


Then one day I realized I wanted a change because I deserved happiness and a future free from past hurts and disappointments. By working with Avalaura, I was able to realize I was carrying “dead weight” with me all of these years, and my energy was so low because of it. I realized that I needed to stop putting others before myself; thus, I started creating and enforcing my own boundaries. For once I was protecting myself. I realized that I had an inner strength within me that was waiting to be released.

With each session with Avalaura, I was growing spiritually as well as mentally. I realized that my feelings were all fear-based. I was continuing my family’s tradition of poverty, depression, negativity, and anxiety. I learned that my thinking was so powerful that ultimately it influenced how I viewed others and myself. My thoughts created my reality.

Avalaura has helped me in ways that I cannot put into words. It was like I was living in a confined space all of my life dreaming of one day being able to do normal things again like grocery shopping or returning back to school without anxiety. Now, I am enrolled back into school and living a life that I know I deserve. I demand respect and do not let others dictate my thoughts or feelings. I know that things are not perfect and never will be, but I am comfortable to know that when things go wrong, I will be okay. I learned so much that I will hold onto it for the rest of life.

Avalaura is confident in what she teaches and truly believes in it. She is compassionate and truly understands and wants to help. She was my only support system during that difficult time. I now know that God used Avalaura to teach me to never give up and that all humans deserve a life filled with their innermost desires."

-A. Grant;Upper Marlboro, MD

 Posted on : August 7, 2014 - Last updated on Sep 16, 2014