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sunHave you ever broken up with a friend, loved one or significant other, but had difficulty letting the relationship go? Maybe you’ve been in an inappropriate or unhealthy relationship, but were unable to change it for the better. No matter what you did, things never changed.

There is a reason some relationships are more difficult than others to heal or release. Everyone and everything is made up of energy. We are complex beings with various energy centers located throughout our physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies. One of the most widely known energy centers is our chakra system that stores, assimilates and processes all of our experiences. Sheri Reynolds states

"Energy is neither created nor destroyed. It just changes shape."

Therefore even when you physically let go of a relationship, your energy still connects you to the person or persons with whom you shared the relationship. The deeper or more intense the relationship is, the stronger the energetic connection. Unless you do something to break the energy, you will stay connected or locked into the energy of the relationship. If its a loving, healthy, supportive relationship, that’s wonderful, but if it’s an unhealthy or harmful relationship, that may be a problem.

One solution is cutting the cord of attachment.....

A cord cutting consists of releasing or cutting away energetic cords that connect you with someone else. You are energetically corded to anyone who you have a relationship with such as family members, friends, co workers, or acquaintances in some way whether it is harmful or healthy.

When you are corded or connected to someone in an unhealthy way, these bonds can negatively impact your life. For example, your behavior may be influenced or controlled by the person you are negatively bonded to.

You may be easily manipulated, feel stuck, depressed, have low energy levels or simply feel bad in the other person’s presence. In this case it is important to remove the cords to improve your overall well-being.

Common reasons why individuals cut a cord of attachment

  • Recovering from a breakup or divorce
  • Healing from a mental, emotional, physical and or sexually abusive relationship
  • Improving an existing relationship that may be toxic
  • Healing from a negative or dysfunctional relationship with parents
  • An adjunct to psychotherapy, other traditional therapies, coaching or counseling
  • Healing after a death or loss of a loved one

A cord cutting is not appropriate for every relationship. However when necessary, it can improve all of your relationships, especially in your most important relationship with yourself. It can be a very freeing experience where the emotional release lets go of pent up anger, sadness or other strong emotions that may be attached to the cords. Oftentimes, releasing the cords will leave you feeling lighter and more at peace. Releasing the toxic, negative, emotional residue is the ultimate self care

 Posted on : September 26, 2014 - Last updated on Oct 25, 2015

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  1. How do you cut the cord?

    1. Avalaura Beharry says :

      Hello Yolanda,
      Thank you for your question, that is a service that I provide. I highly recommend that you get cord cuttings professionally done. For more information visit my website here!

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